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Today's Technology Will Now Allow You To Be a Leader in the Car Rental Industry

All the reasons that Dealerships didn’t want to get into the rental business, or didn’t succeed, are gone with our turn key, technology based system.

Here are some reasons you may have decided against getting into the rental business in the past:

I don’t know anything about the rental business GONE!

I am not set up to rent cars GONE!

I don’t want to mess with a whole new operation that doesn’t bring in that much revenue GONE!

I don’t want to have to deal with a whole new set of customers and the problems that come with it  GONE!

I don’t like my Franchise telling me which cars I can use and when I can use them GONE!

The depreciation of new cars cuts too deep into the profit GONE!

Why Becoming a Participating Dealer Just Makes Sense!

1)      Create a new profit center with your idle inventory

2)      You have a built-in demand for replacement vehicles for your service or body shop

3)      You already have a presence in the market place

4)      You already have relationships with existing customers

5)      You can use the rentals as a sales tool for potential buyers

6)      You already have a streamlined operation which will allow you to out compete the other rental operations.

  • No additional overhead needed
  • You will be able to do maintenance/service in house
  • You already have staff and a location

Why Use Dealer Car Rentals?

1)      It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get reasonably priced insurance for a “start-up” operation if you haven’t been in the rental business before

2)      Not only will we be able to get you insurance, since this is a national program with dealers all across the country, insurance costs will be much more competitive than you could get on your own.

3)      We have a turn key system in place that utilizes the latest in technological advances.  You, as the dealer participant, don’t have to interact with the customers at all.  It is all done via our app and system.  Money is put into your account automatically!

4)      Dealer Car Rentals will market Nationwide.  You will get customers from all the different rental markets:

  • Service/Replacement rentals
  • Short Term/hourly/on demand rentals
  • Long term rentals*
  • Business and vacations rentals

5)      We will be able to monitor rental pricing for your particular market.  Prices change constantly and to be competitive you need to have the right pricing at the right time.

OK, you are probably saying, but what do I have to do, and how much money can I make?

The dealer’s responsibilities are few compared to a traditional rental operation.

Here are the basics:

1)      Supply the cars

2)      Maintain and service the cars

3)      Provide a designated spot for the rental units

Of course there is more to it than just these three items.  The complete list is in the Participant agreement but these are the basics.

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